Idea Discovery using Insider Activity 2016 to 05/22/17

Insider Activity 2016 to 05/22/17

Self Service Idea Discovery using the right-hand side filter options.
1) GP % change from 2013 to MRQ: 2) Enterprise value % change from 2013 to MRQ: 3) Shares outstanding % change from 2013 to MRQ: 4) Market Cap option up to 2,000M. 5) Select the year (2016 or 2017) for insider activity 6) Insider transaction type (purchase of sale)
The default filter is set for Market Cap < 100M, 2017 Insider transactions, no adjustments were made for % of EV change, % change with share outstanding, or Gross margin % change from 2013 or transaction type
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bart said...

Hi Shadow,

Which subscription in tableau are you using to generate these screeners?


ShadowStock said...

Hi Bart

No Subscriptions.
All of my work is based on web scraping, data parsing, calculated fields. Excel, Access, Open (Google) refine, text editors, Tableau Public, Panopticon, Monarch, others.

bart said...

That's interesting. I don't even know what exactly you mean by Panopticon and Monarch. But I hope to follow your blog more closely and hopefully you can post more of where you find some of your stock ideas.

ShadowStock said...


Panopticon is a visualization tool from Datawatch. Monarch is a data prep tool from Datawatch.

Iopus is also used to help with web scraping .

Good Luck