Insider Activity 2016 to 12/07/18:

Default view =  Sector = Consumer Cyclical, Insider Purchases only, Insider Transaction for 2018, 2017, Positive Sloan and M ratio
X-axis =  InsiderAvgPurchPrice/Current Market Price, Y-axis =12Mnth Stock Return.  Shape's color represents the industry, Shape's size is based on the net shares traded by insiders to shares outstanding as a  measure conviction


bart said...

Hi Shadow,

Which subscription in tableau are you using to generate these screeners?


ShadowStock said...

Hi Bart

No Subscriptions.
All of my work is based on web scraping, data parsing, calculated fields. Excel, Access, Open (Google) refine, text editors, Tableau Public, Panopticon, Monarch, others.

bart said...

That's interesting. I don't even know what exactly you mean by Panopticon and Monarch. But I hope to follow your blog more closely and hopefully you can post more of where you find some of your stock ideas.

ShadowStock said...


Panopticon is a visualization tool from Datawatch. Monarch is a data prep tool from Datawatch.

Iopus is also used to help with web scraping .

Good Luck

Chris Emiot said...


Dumb question for the shares traded/shares outstanding filter:

1. If t's negative, does this indicate a sale ?
2. Does a value of say 0.1 means 10 %

Thanks heaps

ShadowStock said...

Hi Chris

Glad that someone is looking at this.
If you select “Trans Type” as only Purchase the scatter plot will only aggregate Purchase transactions for that stock based on the other filters such as selected “Year”, “Month”, “insider title”, “market cap”, “3yrAnnualized Ret”, and “Insider Price/MrktPrice” or ratio of “ShrsTraded/ShrsOuts”.

Hover over the symbol and it will show your number shares purchased or sold for your filter. So yes, a negative would only exist if there are sales that can be found by looking at the symbol if wanted.
Try and clear all filters the select trans type purchase and sale, or only one of the two and you can see the change in the shares traded/shares outstanding based on position in the scatter plot or hover over the symbol.

I will try and figure out a way you can down load all the detail data supporting the graph. BTW you can check and type a symbol for insider activity at without the other data I provide.

. said...

Fascinating -- thank you!