Dynamic Discovery Prices updated for 11/14/18

Use the options on the right-hand side to update the discovery process. The first option is to select your favorite measure of cheapness (X-axis) dynamically, EV/OIavg (includes multiple years of operating income estimate), EV/GP-SGA (Enterprise to gross profit less selling and general administration expenses), EV/EBIT, EV/EBITDA Second provides the option to select the best measure of quality (Y-axis) dynamically Shrs Outstndg MRQ/SO2016 = shares outstanding for the most recent quarter to shares outstanding for 2016 Liab-Crnt Liab MRQ/2016 = Total Liabilities less current liabilities for the MRQ divided by the same metric for 2016

RevPerShareTTM/RevPerShare2016 = Revenue per share for the trailing twelve months to revenue per share for 2016
Graham Number/EV per share = restrict or expand the Graham number in relation to current enterprise value per share.
Market Cap(Mil) = market capitalization
Magic% = this ranked each stock by cheapness and quality and the lower % are, the better magic ranked stock.

All fields can be downloaded to Excel/TXT by following these steps for additional analysis.