Nano Cap Value Filter

Stocks using the Nano Cap Value Filter click link to the left "Nano Cap Value Filter" to see results

DAGM $0.94
DCU $0.86
TOF $2.75
LGTY $7.08
PTG $5.92
SPRO $3.49
DWCH $2.29
HRT $5.02
KRSL $12.25
FEP $1.97
INOC $3.52

Selection Criteria

1) Float * EV < 15,000,000

Stocks with an Enterprise Value based on the outstanding float less than 15 million

2)EV/Sales <1.50

Enterprise value/Sales < 1.50

3) Enterprise Value/Market Cap < 1.50

Looking for stocks with little debt


Shares outstanding over the past 4 years/ TTM(trailing 12 months) > .96

This indicates a tight control on dilution

5)Year over Year quarterly revenue growth greater than negative 15%


6)Exclude stocks in the financial industry

7)Shares short as a percentage of float less than 5%


P/S price to sales ratio improving based on Average P/S over the last 4 years versus TTM P/S. We use a ratio; Average PS – TTM PS/Average PS
If the PS over TTM is improving compared to the average of the past 4 years we select

9)Positive Operating income – Taxes / Enterprise Value