Insider micro cap value buying on Friday

All the ideas had insider buying on Friday (05/15/09) or Thursday (05/14/09)

I only have time for one tonight

PDII (PDI, Inc) $3.29 on 05/15/09

- Selling below net cash: EV = -.10 , price = 3.29,

Per Share Data
- GP per share = .32, Sales per share 7.91,
- AR per share $1.28, Rev Qtrly growth = -.27%, Short % Float = .6%,
- Per share cash + AR –Ttl Liab = 4.68 , cash per share = 6.33, EBITDA per share = -2.50

- Positive insider buying for 09, 08 and 07
- Clean capital structure with almost no dilution

Large shareholders are value institutions

Heartland Advisors
Rutabaga Capital Management
Royce & Associates
Kennedy Capital Management

Insider transactions:

Director purchased 5,000 shares for 3.30 to 3.47 on May 14th
Officer purchased 50,000 shares for 4.00 on December 2008
Director purchased 6,000 for 4.00 on November 24, 2008

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Other that made the insider list


Anonymous said...

i thought seth klarman and baupost was involved in this one too?

Anonymous said...

do you post your entire portfolio ever so we can see what your top ideas that you've researched the most are? would be interesting to see.

also, do you ever short these micro caps or are you long only?

ShadowStock said...

I have no idea if Klarman owns PDII. My attraction was the "margin of safety" and the Ben Graham like attributes coupled with the recent insider buying. the stock is selling below net cash! i picked up a small amount of shares the other day and will consider additional buys if the stock drops further.

Thanks for the comments!

ShadowStock said...

Shorting is not something I’m using now.

Not all of my ideas make to the blog simply because of time. You can see some of my ideas with this link


my approach is more to build a basket of deep value micro cap ideas. The full time job prevents me from creating a concentrated portfolio.

I appreciate the interest. The almost daily search for insider micro cap value buying can be a good source for potential new ideas.

Anonymous said...

thanks man!! love the blog, always some thought provoking stuff, particularly like the stocks selling at less than cash. with the market this messed up some really interesting stuff in small caps.


ted said...

Great blog, thanks for sharing your ideas.

How does this company's cash burn affect your view of it? That's what scares me here- yeah, they have $100M in cash but in the last 12 months they've burned through $30M and their business seems like its getting worse rather than better.

ShadowStock said...

Hi Ted

PDII is far from perfect and should only be purchased as a part of a basket of other Net/Net stocks, imo.

In PDII case at least there is strong insider activity, value institutions such as Heartland adding recently at 14% of the TSO.

I don’t expect the stock to go back to its $120 price on 11/2000.

Good luck and thanks for the comments

ted said...

well of course you don't expect it to go back to $120, what, did you think i was stupid?

obv no one is going to put their whole net worth into something like this, but the point is that there are good net/nets and bad net/nets and something that's burning cash so fast if it keeps up it won't be a net/net a year from now... this seems like that would put it in the "probably bad" category. i was just wondering if i was missing anything.

ShadowStock said...

Hi Ted

I don’t think you’re stupid. But believed the stock was worth mentioning for all the items listed.No offense intended.


Anonymous said...

solid idea, the more i look at this one the more i like it. doesn't take much of a catalyst to get ridiculous returns from stocks selling at less than net cash, witniess FNET or VNDA for good examples.

thanks for the ideas man, i'll be sure to post some of mine in response soon, there are some very interesting small cap Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) with huge yields too.

ShadowStock said...

FNET was an interesting idea I mentioned on 02/17/09 as a cash bargain before the 2.50 cash dividend. Lucky


i was buying RAIL today, the more confidence i gain on the idea my position will slowly grow if warranted. good luck