Significant company buybacks and positive direct insider buys for August and September

Micro caps with significant share buybacks over the prior 4 qtrs with direct insider buying by Officers or Directors for August and September YTD 2009

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NOOF New Frontier Media Inc. Movie Production, Theaters :Buybacks / Float Value = -18.17%

PLXT PLX Technology Inc. Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits :Buybacks / Float Value = -11.89%

LNUX SourceForge, Inc. Internet Software & Services :Buybacks / Float Value = -9.7%

BBSI Barrett Business Services Inc. Staffing & Outsourcing Services :Buybacks / Float Value = -8.62%

CLCT Collectors Universe Inc. Business Services :Buybacks / Float Value = -7.39%

INWK InnerWorkings Inc. Business Services :Buybacks / Float Value = -5.51%

DTPI Diamond Management &Technology Management Services :Buybacks / Float Value = -4.52%

TLGD Tollgrade Communications Inc. Industrial Electrical Equipment :Buybacks / Float Value = -4%

CALD Callidus Software Inc. Business Software & Services :Buybacks / Float Value = -3.54%

HRT Arrhythmia Research Technology Medical Appliances & Equipment :Buybacks / Float Value = -1.29%

SGI Silicon Graphics International Diversified Computer Systems :Buybacks / Float Value = -0.64%


Carrigaline said...

Well, it looks like our old favourite, SIDG has filed for bankruptcy. Can't say that I'm surprised at this stage.

Often bankruptcies can be a boon for value investors, as panicked stockholders rush for the door. From looking at the last 10Q though, I'm not quite sure that there is any value in the company, even at $0.04. When you strip intangibles from the balance sheet, the company is insolvent.

This looks 50/50 to me. Either lose all your money by buying now, or double it. Can't say I like those odds.

Jen said...

is there a reason MPET didn't show up?

ShadowStock said...

Hi Jen

MPET had no company share buybacks over the past 4 reported quarters. The post was only to show micro cap companies with large buybacks over the past year coupled with positive direct insider buys for August and September. The thought was to identify companies buying their company ‘s shares at bargain prices during the last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009. Looks like NOOF which I wrote about on SeekingAlpha at $1.43 really backed up the truck to buy back shares are value creating prices.
MPET was mentioned in the post the other night
“Sept 7 - 9 insider buys; Micro Cap Value”


Thanks for the response

ShadowStock said...

Hey Carrigaline

The bank owns what is left with of sidg.pk Not good for common stock holders but it will be interesting to see what they do with the company.
My previous response was

“It looks like the shareholders may be taken out and they will need to reorganize, not good for the common stock holders. But things could turn around with new biz from customers. 3 customers account for about 65% of their total revenue. The top 10 represents about 95%. Not good in terms of risk.

Management is talented and I believe are honest and straight forward. I’ve spoken with the CFO and I was impressed but the current environment will not care if management is talented. It won’t be easy in this environment and no tarp money is being spent on infrastructure, very sad.”