Stocks that posted less than 0% for the periods ending 1 and 3 years

I tried to find quality stocks that meet these return criteria. Several stocks were found but I will just introduce only 3 ideas that may outperform the market over the next few years. But I can’t know that

The ideas also needed to past these additional hurdles.

1)Average operating income from 05-08 as a percentage of the current enterprise value greater than the current operating income as a percentage of the current enterprise value

2)Average prior 5 year ROIC greater than 20%

3)Shorts as a percentage of float less than 10%

4)Share count reduced or stable over the past 3 or 5 year period

5)Strong balance sheet: Enterprise value / Market Cap < 1.30

The ideas were in 3 separate industries, Medical Laboratories & Research, Publishing – Books and Railroads

Many other metrics were added, the ideas are as follows

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