Direct insider buying last week 2010

These are the stocks I believe have the most promise and some have been discussed in the past.

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Anonymous said...

these summaries of your favorite ideas are great, thanks!

2 questions:

I'm surprised you dont have a model portfolio on here that you use to track your top ideas?

have you backtested the Micro cap insider purchase strategy? would be interesting study to see how well it worked in the past

thanks again! great blog!

ShadowStock said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts!

Last week’s positive insider trading summaries are only provided for informational purposes but I do try to select those that may deserve a closer look or placed on a watch list. I do list stocks in a portfolio format but I don’t have a model portfolio. My goal is to provide the best source of value oriented ignored stock ideas with supporting financial data that readers can decide to buy, sell or develop a position with a what they feel is the most appropriate weighting. The ideas on this blog hopefully will soundly beat the market as a group.