Direct insider buys 03/01 to /03/05 + Value Filter

Direct insider buys for the one week period ending 03/05 only for companies with share buybacks over the past 12 months.

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The list contains a few interesting small cap ideas in my opnion

Weekend Stock filter:

1) Strengthening balance sheet by reducing debt: Stocks reducing total liabilities from 2007 compared to the TTM balance.

2) Mean Reversion: Posting negative stock price returns over the prior one month, one year and three year period

3) Average ROIC over the prior 5 years > 20%

3) No Dilution: Average share count from 2004 to 2009/TTM share count >.98

4) Low Greed Factor: SGA/Revenue based on the prior 12 months <.10

5) Year over Year quarterly revenue growth > -10%

6)Discount to normalized earnings potential: Average annual operating income from 2004 to 2009 /current enterprise value greater than the current operating income / enterprise value

7 )Margin of Safety/Strong balance sheet: Enterprise value /Market capitalization < 1.05

8) Share buybacks over the prior 12 months

One idea based on the following filter has a current +4% dividend with real estate holdings

US Ecology: ECOL

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