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Fortress International Group: FIGI.PK

Recently (04/01/10) voluntary delisted on the pink sheets but the future looks more certain. The recent conference call gave me the confidence as management has made all the right moves and committed to being cash flow positive for 2010. I was adding shares the other day after an upbeat management forecast.



Another pink sheet CLRS.PK has been moving higher on multiple times the normal volume. I own shares.



Anonymous said...

hi, I love your website, I thinnk you do a great job of throwing out ideas. I have a few small caps that I wanted to see what your take on them is. delta petroleum- the company from a balance sheet stand point doesn't look strong but with O'bama allowing offshore oil drilling I'm thinking this company could go up big.

Ranni said...

Hello John!

Any fresh toughts about Clarus & Black Diamond Eq!


ShadowStock said...

Hi Ranni

I was disappointed with the stocks small move today and at this time can’t see the barriers to entry that was promised with the acquisition.

"We've been interested in outdoor industry for a long time, largely because we believe in the trends toward wellness and environmentalism," Clarus executive chairman Warren B. Kanders told investors in a conference call Monday. "We believe these brands create a unique platform to build a large, global, diversified company in the outdoor equipment and lifestyle markets."

Kanders and Schiller are former partners who expanded Armor Holdings Products LLC of Jacksonville, Fla., which makes vehicles and Kevlar body vests, helmets and backpacks for the U.S. military.

In 2007, they sold Armor to London-based BAE Systems for $4.5 billion. That sale included Gregory Mountain Products, which Kanders and Schiller decided to buy back from BAE a year go. They are selling Gregory to Clarus for the merger with Black Diamond Equipment.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.