Nano cap ideas 06/30/10

ATEA: $ 2.52 , 8.6 million market cap with 20 million in sales

Not a traditional value stock given the debt load but they are gaining more traction with recent software implementation wins, recognized today as a visionary by Gartner, recent strong insider buying, 11,000 shares purchased today

CECE: CECO Environmental Corp $4.70 market cap 67 million, industry: Pollution & Treatment Controls

Strong recent insider buying

ICCC: ImmuCell Corp, $3.30, market cap of 10 million; nano cap deep value with exciting potential developing products that improve animal health, small insider buys today

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njk said...

Curious question... what is your source of microcap stocks? Where can one find today's version of Buffett's Moody's manual for microcap securities?

ShadowStock said...

Hi njk

i have multiple methods but my custom built stock data warehouse helps in making investment decsions and removing garbage. Conf calls are critical. the search and methods never ends