Nasdaq stocks (DWCH) posting largest volume increases

“Datawatch Corp (DWCH). Approximately 150,200 shares changed hands, a 2,659.6 percent increase over its 65-day average volume. The shares rose $.11 or 3.2 percent to $3.51.”

Historical listing of posts for potential ideas

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NUTR: Nutraceutical International Corp

Back in 2009 I posted NUTR as part of a “How to Interpret Insider Transactions”


Last week's insider buys reminded me that the stock has operational and value creating potential. NUTR has not kept up with the market movement and can present an opportunity.

Copied from the Seeking Alpha post on April 2009

Nutraceutical (NUTR) has successfully created shareholder value with a sensible capital allocation strategy. ROIC before taxes has averaged an enviable 21.58% for the past 4 reported fiscal years but has fallen to 13.81% for the most recent year end. The drop is not due to the margin compression that has actually risen from 52.56% in 2004 to 54.40% 09/08. The lower ROIC is directly attributable to SGA increasing 31.87% from 2004 coupled with sales improving 18.56% forcing operating margins to decline. But based on ROIC NUTR solidly outperforms its publicly held direct competitors: Schiff Nutrition (WNI), Natural Alternatives (NAII), NBTY (NTY), Natural Alternatives International (NAII) or Mannatech Inc (MTEX). At this point the profitability for NUTR is significantly higher than its peers and represents a bargain price with a current EBITDA/EV at 25.20%. Historical it has managed to keep its capital structure clean with a relatively constant outstanding share count over the past several years. The solid financial health is supported by years of well managed strong FCF.


Paul said...

Love your blog, I spent the weekend going through it all and I love the small and microcap ideas.

What site or service do you use to screen for your ideas?
I have yet to find a good otc/pk screen.

ShadowStock said...

Hi Paul
Thanks for the comments.
i build my own filters, using countless sources of data for my "data warehouse". But you could achieve the same results or much better with the methods you’re most comfortable using. Try Brokerage screens, Yahoo, or MSN could be used. Some prefer adding their style with the data on gurufocus, or the blogs listed or improve your investment skills by reading and listening to all the posts at http://www.grahamanddoddsville.net/ or http://www.gannononinvesting.com/
Good luck