Datawatch DWCH: additional CEO confidence

DWCH  Datawatch

Newly appointed CEO Michael Morrison continues to add to his now substantial position.

Today’s (03/07/11) open market buys increases his total holdings to 374,542 shares representing 13.769 % of the total float and 6.29% of total shares outstanding.

The 374,542 shares held by CEO Morrison is broken down by direct ownership of 254,879 shares, 103,363 in his IRA and 16,300 in spouse’s name.

Add to this significant display of Datawatch’s promise is the recently added 152,580 shares by the executive chairman of the board appointed 09/2010 David Mahoney. David was the former CEO of Applix before selling the company to Cognos. He will be a close strategic partner of Mr Morrison. DWCH is currently trading at 32 million in market value and slightly less enterprise value.

CEO (Morrison) public comments clearly demonstrate his understanding on how to build value for customers and shareholders.

Long DWCH as part of a highly diversified portfolio

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