June Insider Buying Worth a Closer Look

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ASUR: Asure Software current price = $2.97

BSPM: Biostar Pharmaceuticals current price = $ 1.15

BZC: Breeze-Eastern Corporation  current price =$11.13

MMAS:MAM Software Group current price = $1.81

TFCO: Tufco Technologies current price = $4.06

CCMO.PK  CC Media Holdings, current price= $8.30

ZZ:Sealy Corporation current price = $2.54

CPGI:China Shengda Packaging Group Inc current price = $1.39

QBAK:  Qualstar Corp current price = $1.80

PZZI Pizza Inn current  price = $3.06


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the information on JVA a few months ago. After a bit of research, I purchased quite a few shares. I sold today when JVA hit 21.20. All I can say is thank you for sharing your research. That extra money couldn't have come at a better time. Teresa

ShadowStock said...

Outstanding! I'm so happy to hear that someone uses the information to augment their already outstanding investment skills.
Compliments like yours makes this free blog worth the effort.

Teresa if you're interested in coffee take a look at FARM.. coffee inventory on the books below market value, value guru Michael Price holding shares, dividend yield, real estate.

Anonymous said...

I certainly will take a look at FARM. JVA isn't the only company I've invested in after reading your blog. AND so far so good! Again, I can't think you enough for bringing JVA to my attention. My daughter thanks you too. I'm using some of the extra money to replace her car (a clunker)!

ShadowStock said...

wonderful!.. be careful, disciplined and diversify but you know all this and we all have your own investment style.

Just a thought off the topic. As investors we understand how good capital allocation will create value and drive a stock price higher. This higher value creation will create cheaper capital opportunities for expansion or attract and pay/reward for more talent or existing talent. Access to cheaper debt financing, opportunities to sell/issue more stock, retain and reward talented employees or use as a recruitment tool to attract and hire more employees not to mention a superior end product that will benefit the end user and society.

All this value created with superior capital allocation.

Unfortunately... some of your gains are ineffectively allocated through forced confiscation with taxes to fund the lifelong guaranteed jobs of the fastest growing sector of our economy... government workers with guaranteed lifelong, (less effective and costly than private sector equivalent jobs). with pensions, benefits for their entire life at the expense of those "have-nots" (private sector workers).

What about "shared sacrifice".... not a system that crushes risk taking, innovation, desire to contribute but instead just a system where the best game in town is a protected government job that discourages innovation/challenges with an artificially inflated salary and a benefit package funded on the backs of the have-nots (private sector workers) that must work for smaller benefits, salary and longer hours with no protection to fund this unsustainable system.

Shared sacrifice....Hmmm: I don't see the nobility of "public service" defined as a government job contributing to shared sacrifice but only in the minds of the ignorant.

sorry for the commentary; Joel Greenblatt made a point on this topic when he spoke about the public schools in the little book that beats the market. J Greenblatt put his money where his mouth is by creating charter schools in NYC that have created a huge return on invested capital for the students and society.

kudos to Joel Greenblatt!!

Running a school or government services like a hedge fund isn't such a bad idea. ... is anyone listening. in the words of CNBC's Rick Santelli .... "Mr Obama are you listening"


Anonymous said...

My father, a long time investor now in his early eighties, and I just had a conversation about this very subject. If we continue down this path, where innovation, hard work, and risk are not encouraged, what will happen to this country? I am so discouraged by our present government and its policies. As for Joel Greenblatt, yes kudos. I think he also helps another school or two in NY.
I notice on your blog that you don't get very many comments, but I know there are other investors out there who follow you as closely as I do. I pay particular attention to the stocks that you are long on. I always do my own research, but I appreciate you putting your research out there for us followers. I have no background in economics or business, so I rely heavily on commonsense and learning from my mistakes. I would be interested to know how and why you started this blog. Again thank you and keep posting! Teresa

ShadowStock said...

"My father, a long time investor now in his early eighties, and I just had a conversation about this very subject."

I'm sure your Dad at least occasionally watched Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser on PBS.

"If we continue down this path, where innovation, hard work, and risk are not encouraged, what will happen to this country? I am so discouraged by our present government and its policies. "

This mess has been accumulating for +40 years but what makes it daunting is the solutions although painful are not even recognized by virtually any politician. I'm not optimistic.

"As for Joel Greenblatt, yes kudos. I think he also helps another school or two in NY."

Wow .... yes he started in south east Queens and I believe his latest is the Success Academy in Harlem several years ago. The teacher unions have made every effort to stop him. He not only donates his money but more importantly his philosophy and time running a PUBLIC school like a business or a hedge fund to use his words.

"I have no background in economics or business, so I rely heavily on commonsense and learning from my mistakes."
That's an advantage and more importantly humility that appears in your comments. We all can get fooled by randomness and start believing how smart we are but that leads to disaster or less than spectacular results.. IMO.

"I would be interested to know how and why you started this blog"

I started the blog because I have something to share by using my systems skills coupled with my finance, accounting, at times occasional common sense and investing experience. As you see I don't give individual advice but instead make sure before any idea is listed there has been extensive checks and at times deep analysis for its suitability as a value stock that is worth a mention and then let the reader do their own work only after significant effort has been exerted before posting. I also started the blog as my way of saying to overpaid wall street analysts and corporate executives that not only is your compensation over priced and many times detrimental but there are countless individuals that want and can contribute but are held back because of personal agendas. As Greenblatt was looking to increase the ROI with schools individuals in corporate and government agencies are targeted to stop if their results are too helpful/higher ROI as corporate and government cowards are only looking to protect their own personal dynasty at the expense of other individuals , corporations and society. sorry i went off

So the blog allows me to share my experience in a responsible manner with no agenda. Oh but i did make 1cent .01 with Google ad sense today and zero for the prior couple of days but it looks cool (ha ha ) so I take them down and end up putting them up to fill the empty space.

One part of the answer to the question of how; I believe my advantage is as follows: I develop data marts with countless pieces of data from countless sources that continually changes. So part of my data mart are the latest SEC filings with all the financial statements for over 5,000 companies, this data will may also be supplemented with insider activity transactions, institutional ownership names and activity, news, the number of metrics are in the hundreds. I then may start with a question for example ... who is lowering share count, lowering debt, mean reversion, historical high ROIC with insider buying and i may come up with NAII like the other day when the price was lower. Or with SYMS hidden value on the balance sheet. But the permutations and questions are endless and changing as the market changes. the other day i data mined through the entire pink sheet market to find overlooked value based ideas but these illiquid ideas takes time and may not be suitable to post or I just don't have the time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, John, I don't understand 90% of your analysis methods, but I am impressed with your knowledge. I mainly study my father's recently discarded Value Line Investment Surveys for ideas. From there I go to MSN and Yahoo Finance. My father has been a huge influence in my investing strategies. Like you, he says overconfidence and human emotion work against us.
Today I spent time studying a couple of your value ideas: ICCC and DLIA
Thanks for answering my questions about your blog. I completely agree with your comments about overpaid wall street analysts and corporate executives. And hey, I don't think you're gonna get rich on that google ad sense money!!!!

ShadowStock said...


you can do outstanding work just using Value line. My father was a big value line guy. He read Value line up to the day he died. Value line can make you wealthy if you use discipline in my opinion. I strongly believe there is no correct or better method... You can get rich by let's say specializing in just retail or become a value line specialist, the methods are countless. My approach was originally based on my background and highly diversifying is a necessity for me because it was next to impossible or just irresponsible to create a concentrated portfolio.
But I will heavily concentrate at times with ideas like DWCH, NOOF, FIGI.PK,EVI, ITEX, or just get lucky with ICCC by buying cheap and cheaper after gaining a better understanding of management's behavior and recognize over looked value. At times I will trade around the position and add or reduce when I believe its warranted. But what do I know...
I own DLIA (small position) and large position in ICCC but sold some off the other day and added some today with the large two day drop. ICCC has had a huge move based on mast out positive results.


I wrote that back in 2009 and kept adding as the price weakened.
Many ideas are added to my farm team and will build the position if warranted.
Something I was buying that is not a stock but if you believe interest rates will eventually rise
DLBS is a non leveraged bear play on the US Treasury Long Bond.
Google ad sense is a joke but looks nice (ha). I made 1 cent today but the day is still open for bussiness.