N Pessin reports a 7.6% stake in the Fortress International Group (FIGI.PK)

FIGI.PK: Fortress International Group
Current price = $1.82
Today a 13D adjustment was reported by small cap value specialist Norman Pessin. Pessin was a principal for nearly 25 years for Neuberger Berman. Currently Pessin is a private investor with a focus  on small value based publically traded companies. His FIGI.PK stake was reported increased to 7.6% or 1,029,784 shares for the period ending July 11 2011 from 7.3% (929,284 Shares) 4/5/2010, and 473,184 on 1/7/09 .
As a share holder I listened to the conference call on May 11, 2011 and made some notes that may still interest  some investors.  Click to view

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