Deep Value Insider Purchases

RIMG: Rimage Corporation
"helps  businesses deliver digital content directly and securely to their customers, employees, and partners"
Market Cap : 83.72M and Enterprise Value: 16.93M 
At this time the market is placing a low valuation on the business. Yahoo has a current   enterprise value at 16.93 million if you add current liabilities it's closer to 37 million. So the market is giving us TTM sales of 82 million and 42 million in gross profit for a 16 million enterprise value or 37 including current liabilities.
The current market price is 8.26 per share versus per share value of current assets less current liabilities of 9.35. EV to book and sales are trading at historical lows. Current dividend yield is 8.20%
Last week insiders made some purchases

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