A Speculative Idea for Merger : Nano cap with +10% FCF Margins

My post on Gurufocus.com was to bring forward the idea that Datawatch DWCH has more room to improve. Also, one speculative thought was Qlik Technologies, Inc. (QLIK) has obvious powerful synergies with the small Datawatch. Furthermore QLIK could quickly benefit from the 40,000 Datawatch customers in 100 countries and the 495 Fortune 500.Datawatch 100 million market size versus the 1.9 Billion for Qlik Technologies, Inc. (QLIK) coupled with a recently annoucn3ed technology alliance is worth a speculative thought that would greatly benefit both customers and companies. Regardless, both companies should continue to grow in value and size even after posting spectacular price moves.
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Itex corp. runs the nation's largest barter system where one business can trade its products/services with another business without using dollars. They both must be members of the Itex network.

This tiny nano cap is a consistent +10% FCF margin producer with a 4.20% current dividend yield. ITEX produced valuation improvements without the correlated price change.

Current Market Cap  = 12.90M, Enterprise value = 8.35M, EV/EBIDA = 5.94, EV/Revenue = .52

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