Animal Health: Two Nano Cap Value Thoughts

ImmuCell Corp. (ICCC)

Financially sound tiny but profitable 16 million nano cap sitting on potentially valuable animal health biotechnology. This technology is used to protect calves health without the use of antibiotics. The company sells its products to distributors and bovine veterinarians, as well as directly to dairy producers.

Based in Portland, Main and founded in 1982, "ImmuCell's purpose is to create scientifically-proven and practical products that result in a measurable economic impact on animal health and productivity in the dairy and beef industries."

ICCC has a margin of safety and could be considered a heads i win real big tails i don't lose too much. Why .. 3.06 in tangible book value, 1.66 per share in cash.2.1 million in real estate recorded on the books in 1992 but this is the margin of safety part. Upside is in the FDA approval and further market roll out for their Mast Out product to protect health of calves without the use of antibiotics coupled with existing profitable business.
Insider purchased 2011/10

The current and potential further catalyst was presented in detail on 08/28/12 at the Kansas City Animal Health Investment Forum.
Taken from conference
"We are engaged in ongoing discussions related to funding the remaining investment to bring Mast Out® to market through a strategic partner, debt and/or equity financing," commented Michael F. Brigham, president and CEO.
•Remaining investment (currently estimated at approximately $13,000,000) relates primarily to commercial manufacturing and sales & marketing.

Depending on any partner/debt deal structure, we may also seek equity financing to fund a substantial portion of the remaining investment.

HSKA: Heska Corporation (HSKA)

" Heska Corporation develops, manufactures, markets, sells, and supports veterinary products for canine and feline companion animal health markets in the United States and internationally. The company's Core Companion Animal Health segment offers various veterinary diagnostic and other instruments"

Market Cap = 43.27M, EV = 35.66M

EV/Sales = .51 EV/EBITDA = 8.74

P/Book = .86

YOY Qtrly Revenue Growth = 4,70%

52 week return = -10.53%

Insider ownership = 15.23%

Institutional ownership = 23.10%

Current Dividend Yield = 4.90%

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