Potential Value Ideas Under Review

Value based ideas that I’m reviewing for near term moves higher based on oversold conditions , aggressive share count reduction ,positive 2012 or 2013 insider activity purchased at or near the current price coupled with multiple deep value attibutes. Some these ideas meet all or some of those attributes.
These are some of the ideas I'm reviewing.

CACI, QNST,HGG, DV,WU,STRA,DECK( missed posting DECK last week. The stock moved 15% Friday 03/01/13 so I need to review again after this large price jump.)
I may add or remove names after the post is updated hopefully tomorrow.
Click for quotes on the ideas above that may change before the final update.

The large short position, declining and negative sales comparisons, compressing margins, negative industry trends along with multiple other traditional areas to review was obvious. But at the right price along with a margin of safety from the balance sheet and aggressive share buybacks these kinds of ideas can still outperform. As a group all 7 averaged over 7% from the post date for the week and half period. just a thought as I post the table below.  

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