Datawatch Continues to Impress: Also today's Value Based Insider Buys

Datawatch continues to impress. Today Datawatch announced the completion for the acquisition of Panopticon. This acquisition provides Datawatch customers real-time Visual Data Discovery against the largest variety of data sources.

Additionally positives there was a significant insider purchases reported.

Chis Cox 10% owner,board member and managing member of WC Capital added to his existing holdings . It was reported today 08/28/13.

WC Capital now own 689,966 shares of DWCH.
On 08/26/13 11,000 shares purchased for 254,210 at a per share price of 23.11
On 08/27/2013 1,565 shares purchased for 34,978 at a per share price of 23.54

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Today (08/27/13) additional insider purchases reported only for value oriented micro caps.

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