3 Deep Value Ideas worth a Closer Look: Oversold

EPAX: consistent aggressive share buybacks, strong recent insider buying,selling at 3.49 per share with 3.29 per share in cash, insider own 69%

RT: selling at industry and historical discount valuations with strong real estate portfolio, above average financial strength, along with aggressive share buybacks, additional share purchases for the period ending 06/13/13 from strong value players Joel Greenblattt, HOTCHKIS & WILEY, John Keeley

INOD: Annually aggressive share count reductions along with consistent book value per share increases strong financial position, royce value adding shares for the quarterly period ending 06/30/13


ASTROman said...

thanks for the great blog

Can i ask which stock screener you use?

ShadowStock said...

thanks for the question.

everything i do is custom built. I'm never looking at one year of data but several years of data before considering listing on a post.

good luck

ASTROman said...

Thanks for the reply

any thoughts on Innodata? do royce usually do activist stuff?