The New Visual Data Discovery Solution; Soon to be Recognized as an Industry Disrupter

I can say this confidently as someone with years of real world hands on experience building solutions and creating new opportunities with data, big data, any size, at large fortune 500 companies.

At this time I won’t go into the longer corporate history on this idea because you can find my previous work on Seeking Alpha or Gurufocus.

True data democracy is possible and only really possible with this company’s new offering. It’s not Tableau, Qlikteck, MicroStrategy or any of the other vendors. I’ve used all their solutions over the years. BI vendors talk about having a built in ETL tool. ETL is extract transform and load. That is just not true. Pulling data in from a text file, excel file that must be neatly organized in columns and rows is nice, I guess, very limited.This is exactly what you get as a so called built in “ETL” tool with all the other vendors but hardly providing access to any real useful data or democratizing access to data.  

The journey started years before they purchased the intellectual property (“secret sauce”). The software code was purchased about a year or so ago. This purchase enabled them to begin their rightful journey competing to take a place at the front line in the world of visual data discovery solutions.

Months ago by smartly using their stock as currency they purchased the world class Swedish visual discover software company Panoption. Sweden is the center and birth place for the science and development of software for visual discovery.

The company I’m writing about is Datawatch (DWCH). It’s new because of the combination of Datawatch with Panopticon. Now it has a new software solution called Datawatch Desktop. It combines the ability to access structured, semi structured or unstructured data from countless sources; web pages, PDF, Log files, static text reports, EDI Streams, along with Excel, Access and so many file types. This data is then transformed either by joining to other sources or just creating new calculated fields. Now you are ready to visually discover with world class Gartner recognized real time visual discovery software formerly called Panopticon.

My confidence comes from years using BI tools. Now after taking a long test ride of the trial edition of Panopticon,the real time visual discovery piece of the new software called Datawatch Desktop. click to see I can say with complete confidence this will be an industry disrupter. It’s just day one with the new offering of Datawatch Desktop.

Okay now on to the stock price. DWCH is up 146% over the past 52 weeks. It was up +9% on Friday 11/29/13. Market capitalization is 266 million. I’m a long time share holder of DWCH.

But I have no idea if, when and how much the stock will move up or down.  One thing I feel comfortable forecasting is that at least for the next year quarterly top line growth will easily be double digits. They will also create some real notoriety in the super fast growing visual discovery space.  This space is being led by Tableau (DATA), Qliktech (QLIK), Microstratey(MSTR) and others. 


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