Depressed Micro Cap Value Stocks

Note,  this post will be completed/updated throughout the entire week. Companies and certain metrics listed tonight to give  an early start to dig deeper before completed.
The watch list below selected after an exhaustive search. Each company offers unique attributes that warrants consideration. Financial metrics such as valuable real estate, negative enterprise value, trading near its low 5 and 10 year price in a long term growth industry, historical and relative low valuations. But, the entire list shares horrible stock price performance. The average aggregate return for the entire group over the past 52 weeks is -51.46%.

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Technology Inc  (AVID) " provides technology products, solutions and services that enable the creation and monetization of audio and video content. It develops, markets, sells, and supports software and hardware for digital media content production." Source Morningstar

The post will be updated and completed during the week ending 06/18/16. Posted symbols tonight to begin the process.