Deep Value Nano Caps Underperforming

Schmitt Industries (SMIT); founded in 1984 designs, manufactures and sells high precision test and measurement products. Industry focus is on two main business segment; the Balancer and measurement.The current employee count is 57.

Gross profit for the TTM is 6.14M versus an enterprisve value of 4.46M and a 5.57M market capitalization. The 52 week change is -35.46% with a 52 week high of $4.49 and a recent low of $1.65.The stock now trades at historical low valuations. EV/GP = .73, P/B = .70, EV/Sales = .38, current ratio = 4.88, cash per share of .33, NCAV = 2.52, P/NCAV = .88, price = $1.75, insider ownership = 34%,

Additional value nano cap stocks under performing, 

Current price below or near NCAV; 


Additional financial sound ideas, below 50M enterprise value, under performing, average 52 week price change for INTT,PRSS,RFIL,INOD,IMI,IIN   -26%

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