Leveraging/Analysis of 13F Micro-Cap Value Institutions

My analysis begins with recent 13Fs for the following successful micro-cap value institutions; Royce, Heartland, Ariel, Kennedy, and Tieton. Before I share my initial approach. See the informative links on their philosophy for picking stocks.

Investment Process for ….  Tieton  http://bit.ly/2fjdMtJ : Heartland Value  http://bit.ly/2fFJt4K

One discovery approach is to measure the institution's idea conviction. For this post I took total capital expended on each stock  using recent 13F. Then calculated as a percentage to the aggregated dollar value and dollar change. This ratio along with other variations used to uncover anomalies of conviction.

For example
Amount purchased for each stock in the 13F this quarter / $ amount of the entire institutional portfolio by quarterly $ change or total $ value held. And various permutations.

These are a few findings . The first cut eliminated stocks above 300M for all 5 institutional 13F reports.

Review supporting details and do your own discovery. Click to see the data in GoogleSheets. http://bit.ly/2esXtN7

or a more complete database with over 64 insitutions 13F filings by Value Institutions dropped into an interactive table in Tableau CLICK to discover new ideas

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Note EMKR was introduced on 10/13/16 at $5.35 based on aggressive short covering, long term debt reduction and outstanding share count reduction from 2013 to the MRQ. http://bit.ly/2e49w5f

This table takes the same Value institutions and conviction measured by shares purchased in the most recent reported quarter or held aggregated to the total shares outstanding.

Price performance Updated

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