Filter in Search for Value using Insider Activity, Market Returns,Ownership,Change in Shorts

Value Filter for stocks meeting ALL these rules;

1) Insider Purchases for 2016 with no 2016 selling 

2) Insider Price Paid is Greater than Current Market price 

3) Shorts as a percentage of the float is decreasing 

4) Negative 52 Week Return 

5) Value institution adding share for the most recent reported quarter

Click for quotes on ....ESPR,FALC,HHS,LE,MCHX,RTK,XRM

Investors may recognize value after additional effort. These ideas are best classified as “value trades”. Value trade is a shorter term opportunity. When a stock overreacts resulting in stock price movements not corresponding with a company's long-term fundamentals. It creates an opportunity to profit.

Value Metric table below;Industry,Price Returns



2016 Insider Activity


Convincing Consistent Decline in Shares Short


Select Value Institutions Adding or Holding Shares 


Speculative:Esperion Therapeutics (ESPR) is a pharmaceutical company. Focused on developing and commercializing Oral LDL (Bad Cholesterol) lowering treatments.
$8.89 in net cash per share versus a $11.09 stock market price,
no revenues.

Speculative High risk: FalconStor Software(FALC) manufactures and sells data migration, business continuity, disaster recovery,  backup solutions and the related maintenance, implementation and engineering services.

Harte-Hanks (HHS) is a marketing company. Offers integrated solutions that connect brands with prospects and customers.

Rentech (RTK) is produces nitrogen fertilizer products including ammonia and UAN. It is also engaged in wood fibre processing services including wood chips and wood pellets.

Xerium Technologies (XRM) is a manufacturer and supplier of two types of consumable products, clothing and roll covers, used mainly in the production of paper.

Lands' End (LE) is a multi-channel retailer of casual clothing, accessories and footwear, as well as home products. The Company offers products through catalogs, landsend.com, and operates in both Direct and Retail.


Marchex (MCHX) is is a mobile advertising technology company. It provides products and services for businesses of all sizes that depend on consumer calls to drive sales.


bart said...

You must be very familiar with some of those names by now ;)

ShadowStock said...

One thesis on this post was on average 1) officer (CEO, CFO, COO) buying shares and 2) insider buying for biotechnology is more predictive of alpha. Officers have greater insight into the health of the business and understanding of future positive market moving events is more likely in biotechnology versus other industries. Further, tracking the change in shorts and the change of quality intuitional ownership and prices paid can be helpful ON AVERAGE.

I’m considering looking deeper into RTK and understand they may need to put a GOING CONCERN comment in their audit statement.

Only trying to introduce ideas and explain part of my thinking. Before investing understand this blog earns nothing, no advertising. Good luck ! and as you know do the additional research if interest exists in any stock listed. Thanks