Nano Caps Trading Below Intrinsic Value

The 3 nano cap ideas below share multiple improving value attributes. Specifically, these attributes trade at historical value discounts compared to 2013 to 2015 for...GROSS MARGIN %, SHARES OUTSTANDING, TOTAL/NON CURRENT LIABILITIES, DEBT PER SHARE, FCF MARGINS, EV/EBITDA, EV/REVENUE. 

In addition, the 3 stocks (CRVP, TRT, EEI) reported positive insider buying.

Crystal Rock Holdings (CRVP) produces, markets and distributes bottled water under Crystal Rock and Vermont Pure brands. In addition, distributes coffee under the Cool Beans brand.




Trio-Tech International  (TRT) provides semiconductor testing and burn-in services. It also designs, develops, manufactures and markets equipment / systems used in manufacturing/testing semiconductor devices and electronic components. 

Ecology and Environment (EEI) is an environmental consulting company. It offers professional services to industries in the energy, natural resource management, hazardous material services and health sciences.