Idea Discovery Starting with Insider Activity from 2016 to 05/22/17

Self Service Idea Discovery using the filter options on right side.

Filter options include 1) GP % change from 2013 to MRQ: 2) Enterprise value % change from 2013 to MRQ: 3) Shares outstanding % change from 2013 to MRQ: 4) Market Cap option up to 2,000M. 5) Insider year option (2016 or 2017) : 6) Insider transaction type (purchase of sale)

The default filter is set for a market cap less than 100M; 2017 insider transactions not 2016, no adjustments were made for % of EV change from 2013, % change of share outstanding from 2013, or gross margin % change from 2013 or lastly the transaction type (purchase or sale)

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