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Filter options include 1) GP % change from 2013 to MRQ: 2) Enterprise value % change from 2013 to MRQ: 3) Shares outstanding % change from 2013 to MRQ: 4) Market Cap option up to 2,000M. 5) Insider year option (2016 or 2017) : 6) Insider transaction type (purchase of sale)

The default filter is set for a market cap less than 100M; 2017 insider transactions not 2016, no adjustments were made for % of EV change from 2013, % change of share outstanding from 2013, or gross margin % change from 2013 or lastly the transaction type (purchase or sale)

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Anonymous said...

Have a tiny position in EMMS for next radio potential.

Amit said...

Dear Sir,
Good Evening,

At the very outset,kindly excuse me for taking your precious time to read my note in your busy schedule.

Sir,I read on your blog,its extremely helpful for every beginner/experienced analysts & investors.Pl. guide on this...

Sir My name is Amit, a independent research student and a nanotech r&d pro,currently working at iit delhi,India on a project,I am having passion for investment management, applied behavioral finance,behavioral science & analytics & trying to utilize my research skills : analytical,due diligence,attention for detail etc for doing investment analysis and developing research based investment strategies.

Sir i came across a post by Mr. James Altucher < https://dailyreckoning.com/three-magic-words-investing-money/?curator=alphaideas >

it seems be an eye opening post, can be v. helpful/equally hurting for every beginner analyst/investor who want to learn/jump in to value or other investing arena with having any pleasant hope about investing.

I have a query & i’m sure your guidance in the context of above mentioned post’d be highly beneficial to all guys who are financially challenged (at the bottom of income pyramid) today but having a vision of financially better tomorrow by practicing value/other investing–

Should we believe the jargon i.e. Value/Midcap dividend/Momentum Investing,multibegger stocks etc?
How can a person who’s having very less money and resources can profitably practice value/midcap dividend/momentum or other investing styles ?
Whether Value/Midcap dividend/Momentum Investing is practically having significant edge over any form of
trading in stock market for such financially challenged guys who want to get financially freedom & to escape rate race?

Pl.Guide how to develop profitable investing methodology in Indian context.

Sir feel free to say no/any reply,i understand the professional/other limitations.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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ShadowStock said...

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