Opti Inc (OPTI.OB), Logility, Inc (LGTY), Actuate Corp (ACTU)


Friday December 5, 2:33 pm ET
OPTi Receives Ruling in Markman Hearing in Patent Infringement Action Against Apple Inc


Price = 2.20
Cash/MC = .42
Insider buying = Positive
Per share cash – total liabilities = .95

OPTI.OB is a cash rich company winning major patent infringement lawsuits. Friday 12/5/08 OPTI received a positive ruling for patent infringement against Apple inc. Total amount has yet to be determined. High probability there will be other positive patent infringement suits in favor for OPTI.


Company Reports 14th Consecutive Quarter of Profitability


Revenue declines 6% over the second quarter of fiscal 2008;

-- Software license fees for the quarter ended October 31, 2008 were $3.3 million, a decrease of 4% over the second quarter of fiscal 2008;

-- Services and other revenues for the quarter ended October 31, 2008 were $1.4 million, a decrease of 32% over the second quarter of fiscal 2008;

“The overall financial condition of the Company remains strong, with cash and investments of approximately $45.2 million as of October 31, 2008. This is approximately an $814,000 sequential increase in cash and investments compared to July 31, 2008 and approximately a $5.6 million increase compared to October 31, 2007. During the quarter, the Company repurchased 27,122 shares of its common shares for approximately $181,000 under its authorized stock repurchase program.”

Stock at $4.24 is attractive

ACTU Actuate Corporation

Actuate boosts tender offer price after buyout bid
Thursday December 4


Stock is attractive at the current price of $2.95
GP per share $1.84
Cash + AR – Total Liabilities = $.52
I own a small position in all the above stocks as part of a highly diversified portfolio.


Mark Perkins said...

I was wondering why I noticed a big run in Actuate the other day

ShadowStock said...

They received a 3.50 offer for the company but ACTU refused.

Anonymous said...

Looks like LGTY was acquired for $7.02 a share by American Software in July 09 for a 66% gain. ACTU 1 year holding return 40%. OPTI.OB 1 year holding return 98%. -Warren

ShadowStock said...


Good stuff