New Ideas

The list was generated based on the following criteria;

Only companies with direct insider purchases by directors or officers for 2009.

Stocks with share buybacks over the past two quarters with the belief shares were acquired at bargain value building prices.

Average number of shares outstanding over the past 3 years /TTM share outstanding >.93

I was trying to measure improvement of the capital structure based on the actual reduction of share count.

Enterprise value /Market Capitalization < 1.75 (Low debt companies with a strong cash position)

The data was measured by the value of the direct shares purchased by insiders/enterprise value

Other criteria that I will discuss on another night.

Just hope you can find the data somewhat useful.

A link to the stocks based on the above criteria.

Just updated (07/01/09)the above ideas with fundamental financial data


Mark Perkins said...
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Mark Perkins said...

nice list. sure has been a great year for small-c value

Daniel M. Ryan said...

Not so good for large cap value, though. I've been running a mock Dogs of the Dow fund since May 28th, and it's underperforming all three major averages as of now. Nice to see that things are better in the micro-cap world.

ShadowStock said...

The most recent post takes net insider buys less sales for 2009 as a % of total float value.


Could be useful but this market continues to worry me. But having a list for your best ideas could help buys at extreme bargain prices. Many of the ideas have made a move over this year but stocks such as orbt or qlti still look interesting. I dont own these stocks but will look closer.

Good luck