Insider Buys for the period 01/11/10- 01/15/10

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ZIGO: Zygo Corporation,
Industry: Scientific & Technical Instruments

Industry: Grocery Stores

WMCO:Williams Controls
Industry: Auto Parts

SONC:Sonic Corp
Industry: Restaurants

DVD:Dover Motorsports
Industry: Sporting Activities

SHLM: A. Schulman
Industry:Rubber & Plastics

YORW: The York Water Company
Industry:Water Utilities

JCS: Communications Systems
Industry:Communication Equipment

ISCA: International Speedway
Industry:Sporting Activities

1 comment:

Chad said...

After quick glance at each of these, WMCO looks most attractive. Probably not cheap enough for me yet; I'll keep watching though.

Somebody else (II-VI) recently caught a whiff of ZIGO and has offered to buy it up.

Thanks much.