LookSmart (LOOK)

The stock (LOOK) continues to move higher after an introduction on March 27 and closed Friday up 16.95% at $1.38 only after falling back from the intraday high of $1.55. Here was the original post “New Ben Graham Net Net Idea”

A reader correctly posted that the stock did not meet the criteria for being a Ben Graham net net because the idea was not less than 66% of working capital. But he added the stock was cheap and worth a look. You can read other readers comments.

Recent important new hires

“LookSmart Announces Appointment of Chief Scientist”

“LookSmart Announces Appointment of New Vice President, Distribution Network”

But it seems the main reason for the stock’s heavy volume and price movement was from an interesting and informative Seeking Alpha article on Friday titled “Would Apple Look Smart to Enter Online Search Fray?” . John Gilliam the author strongly believes Apple (APPL) will soon attempt to get into the online search business and buying LOOK is the quickest most efficient way. He discusses the cheapness of LOOK as we discussed. Net cash, NOL, patented technology , employees but read the entire article for yourself.

Please Read all his informative points

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