2 Potential Overlooked Healthcare Micro Cap Value


On Friday 09/03/10 22,163 shares were reported purchased for a total market value of $79,768.

16,575 @ 3.43, 2,500 @ 3.58, 3,088 @ 3.68

Industry: Medical Appliances & Equipment

“The company provides respiratory care products, medical gas equipment, and emergency medical products. Its respiratory care product line comprises respiratory care/anesthesia products, such as air compressors, calibration equipment, humidifiers, croup tents, equipment dryers, and respiratory disposable products; and home respiratory care products, including aluminum oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, pneumatic nebulizers, and portable suction equipment. The company offers its products to hospitals, hospital equipment dealers, hospital construction contractors, home health care dealers, and emergency medical product dealers through a network of dealers, agents, and exporters. It operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.”

Additional data:

Two owned properties: Headquarters; St Louis Missouri 270,000 square footage: Stuyvesant Falls New York 30.000 square footage

In addition, 16.80 acres of undeveloped land in Stuyvesant Falls, New York

Stable share count: fully diluted shares 7,898,782 for fiscal year 2009 down slightly from 2006 balance of 8,080,890:

EV = 29,285,000

MC = 26,710,000

Sound balance sheet with little debt

YOY Quarterly revenue change -6.0%

Reversion to the mean;

Value Institutions; ROYCE & ASSOCIATES,

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AHCI: Allied HealthCare International

Price = 2.25

EV = 1.88

Enterprise value = 60 million; Market cap = 99 million ;

“Allied Healthcare supplies healthcare staffing services and social care industry in the United Kingdom. The company provides patient services, including nursing and paraprofessional services; home medical equipment and medical supplies sales; and radiation, respiratory, and infusion therapy.”

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