Modest 3 day volume increase in this illiquid forgotten tiny stock

MEAD: Meade Instruments Corp., a consumer optics company, designs, manufactures, imports, and distributes telescopes, telescope accessories, binoculars and other consumer optical products in North America and internationally.

Market Value = 4.19  Million

Current Price = 4.21
TTM Revenue = 25.49 million
YOY Quarterly Revenue increase = 18.90%

52 Week  Change = 14%
P/S = .17
Book Value = 9.43
no long term debt
YOY Quarterly Revenue increase = 18.90%

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Long MEAD as part of a highly diversified portfolio in the tradition of Ben Graham

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Floris said...

I am also long mead, should be turning profitable this year and will be a major catalyst to the stock. Floris