Ugly stocks selling at beautiful prices ???

Well I can’t really know this but this is my goal for tonight's post .

I’m looking for stocks reducing debt, buying back shares, raising the cash balance all or some in combination over time. These slow long term value building shareholder friendly activities often get overlooked if the headline metrics like accounting earnings is not the leading story. The benefits accrue very slowly. But that is a great way to find stocks mispriced by Mr Market.

We all know once the earnings and top line improve the foundation built over time will contribute to an explosive price move.The market eventually gets valuation correct. Over time the lowering of debt will improve future debt capacity, the share count reduction or stabilization will improve EPS and the generally improved balance sheet will attract new investors as the market eventually rewards and yells .. I’m a well managed company focusing on value creation for the long term.

So this is my attempt to introduce ideas that meet the about criteria coupled with additional factors that will help add to the margin of safety.

....Sorry the data and story will follow tomorrow but symbols are provided
See update

IFON: InfoSonics Corp

Price = .83

TNDM: Neutral Tandem

Price 15.89

JRN : Journal Communications

Price 5.17


Price 4.61

CRV: Coast Distribution System

Price = 3.93

NAII: Natural Alternatives Internatio

Price 4.52

Quotes on the above stocks

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