Optimistic Future: Even with a Historical High Valuation

DWCH: Datawatch is at  a historical high valuation based on price to sales, book and other metrics. The  price is up 108% over the prior 52 weeks. So why would I be adding more shares of DWCH? It comes down to new management (CEO Michael Morrison)  and his team. They are in the first full quarter of transition.

Current Price 08/05/11 = $5.35

The key as recognized by the CEO is building a core sales team, marketing, educating industry experts, and leveraging their large loyal customer base to promote their value and products. Additional head count to the sales and marketing team during the quarter gives additional support that management is serious and confident about the products impact and overlooked benefits.   New programs with their distribution channels will be implemented during the 4th quarter. Increased and obvious efforts have been apparent to reach out to industry experts and influencers.
During the recent conference call the CEO made many the following critical comments on strategy, new sale wins, marketing accomplishments, international expansion, key technology partnerships, depth of product acceptance, recognition of the need to focus as he stated marketing and sales, the two pieces off the 3 legged stool. Product is the 3rd piece of the 3 legged stool. The products especially after the recent completion of Monarch V11 is clearly well respected by their large evangelical  user base.

Some important CEO comments made on the recent conference call were;  

 " truly see Datawatch going forward as a markedly different company than it has been in the past and we want to help our key audiences understand how that that

"As we look forward, we are singularly focused on driving that profitable revenue growth. This all starts with pipeline building, utilizing multiple lead generation programs and initiatives that target both new name prospects and existing customers. In the just completely quarter, we delivered 22 unique lead generation programs and we have 48 programs either currently in process or planned for execution this quarter."

"All of this activity is generating good pipeline growth and customer interest in Datawatch solutions. It makes us all the more confident that we will be able build long-term sustainable revenue growth."

"We're also investing and targeted geographic expansion to meet current and future customer needs. Earlier this month, we opened an office in Munich to service Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where we already have more than 2,000 customers."

"We've made progress extending our partner ecosystem, an important area of the emphasis as I have mentioned previously. In the U.S., we've signed on industry specialists, break-away technologies, Data41 and Cogent to resell and implement our report analytic solutions."

"On an international basis, we've entered into several distribution agreements to extend our geographic reach, with shade in South America; Serial and date in Malaysia; and quantalytic in Australia, we have recently entered into an important technology alliance agreement with QlikTech, one of the fasters going vendors in the business intelligent in analytic space."

"Speaking of customers, in Q3, we continue to add to our impressive global customer base. We had key wins in the financial services industry with Citibank in Egypt, Standard Chartered in Singapore, and Royal Bank of Canada. We had a Blue Chip names in the U.S., such as UPS, Hewlett-Packard and Foxwoods. We now count 99 of the Fortune 100 as customers, as well as 95% of the Fortune 500.s"

"In an example of our industry penetration, last week U.S. News & World Report ranked the top 17 hospitals in the nation. All 17 of these prestigious medical centers are Datawatch customers. The scope and breadth of our customer base is an impressive advantage for us and one we intent to leverage it over time."

"So we continue to move forward with this transition, we will undoubtedly face challenges in market dynamics that could impact quarterly results, I strongly believe, however, that with our product platform, our strategy and the new talents that we've added, we will transform Datawatch and build with solid growth trajectory. One that enhances long-term shareholder value. I'm looking-forward to speaking more regularly with the investment community about our plans and our progress."

"My view of Datawatch and our == the opportunity in where we're going. If you look at the three legged stool of the software company, it's sales and marketing and products. Product is the least of our work. We have a very, very impressive product that customer's love, I mean, customers are passionate, they're very loyal. In the software world there is always a lot of stuff you can do it with software. Sometimes too much, I mean you don't want to go report. So there is always areas to improve, but we've got, we've got a very, very solid product foundation, that's not going to be any kind of headwind for us as we look forward, it's really the other aspects of the business that we put the energy and where we can really get the leverage out of it."

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