Value Investing and Creating Memories

I  don't have many readers. But over time a few have sent encouraging words  and I'm very thankful. Two in particular have "added  value" by creating positive memories from their generous actions and hard work.

 Yes I've been positively impacted by their inspirational efforts/deeds . These memories as small as they seem to others are life long lasting. Not so much for me as that's not important but the snowball effect  to others. Kindness to help other strangers has a huge ROI with a significant moat.

So big thanks to TR!

 Now I also want to introduce you Preeti Gupta. I came across this new group for value based  investing. Long story short there was no way I could get to the group but did have the opportunity to  speak with Preeti several times. Preeti is a CPA from a big 4 accounting firm , CFP and experienced entrepreneur. So I was very surprised to hear this financial geek (term of endearment) was about to publish a non financial 270 page book. The  other day the book was made available to the public. I lucky enough to get a copy before its publication.

The book is brilliant and brilliantly written. And like any good book on investing which this book is not it will be read more than once or select chapters will be read first. I won't go into details but can only GUARANTEE you will find nuggets of useful value in the book. If you've found any  benefit with the my blog or see potential in the future lets support and also benefit from her exceptional work.

BTW, I will not receive one cent from the books sales. For that matter not sure Preeti Gupta will make any money off the book as the prices for now are low. Thanks for reading, John.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. I am enjoying Ms. Gupta's book. I actually started it a couple of days ago and I'm almost finished. It's one of those books you can reread and find something meaningful you didn't catch the first time around.