Selling Below Net Cash

Still dealing with a flu but wanted to share a few comments.

I was purchasing shares of Karnalyte Resources Inc. (KRLTF)on Friday as the stock trades below net cash. This activity was part of a diversified portfolio.As of 09/30/13 cash was 51,512,033:Total liabilities were 2,621,638; net cash was 48,890,395; Total share outstanding was 27,476,961; net cash per share is 1.78

Datawatch DWCH continues to post operational performance far beyond my expectations. No its not value stock in the tradition of Graham and Dodd but that has not deterred me from adding shares when the stock dipped below 30 per share after recent announced quarterly results.The only value rational using traditional value metrics can be found using relative valuation.But valuation of the (DATA)Tableau of the world are crazy.DWCH has lots of room to grow and is likely to continue to see +40% YOY growth for several quarters.Just in my opinion.More on DWCH next week. 

Notable value based insider purchases last week were from the following stocks
Horsehead Holding Corp. (ZINC),Farmer Brothers Co. (FARM),Revett Minerals Inc (RVM),Ikanos Communications, Inc. (IKAN)