ICCC: ImmuCell Corp (Nano Cap Value)

Stock reached a price of 4.75 today on positive news:

I own shares of ICCC

"Co announces that in a study of approximately 300 qualified cows with subclinical mastitis that was conducted at sixteen sites across the United States, the Mast Out treatment group showed a statistically highly significant overall cure rate in comparison to the placebo group. The preliminary breakdown of the data by species suggests both the necessary numerical superiority and clinical relevancy to support robust product performance in the field. The primary objective of this study was to demonstrate effectiveness in the field, at a level similar to currently marketed intramammary antibiotics "

The post below was written June 09:


ICCC: ImmuCell Corp

Cash per share is 1.73 with no long term debt. They own a 26,800 square foot building at 56 Evergreen Drive in Portland, Maine. Enterprise value is only .63 : Price (2.20) – (1.57) (Cash – Liabilities) = .63 EV

This biotechnology company is dedicated to marketing products that improve animal health and productivity in the dairy and beef industries. Their product focus encompasses prevention, diagnosis and treatment of bovine diseases.

The key risk is FDA approval of Mast out.

I have a position in ICCC.

Additional positive insider activity today 06/09/09

Additional positive insider activity

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bigboss said...

SUCH an awesome blog! just found it and am enjoying reading your older posts. good idea on looking for large insider purchases of nano caps, i don't know why i've never heard of that before? would make an interesting academic study for someone!