Insider Buys Large Amount of Stock in MVC Capital (MVC)

<This represents an increase of 4% on his existing position in MVC Capital Corp (NYSE: MVC). At the transaction price of $8.97 the total purchase was for $219,000.
MVC Capital is a private equity business development company which invests in a portfolio of private companies throughout the world and across several sectors.
MVC Capital is currently trading for close to 60% of net asset value and has largely missed the market run up since March.
The company is down 14.6% year to date, but did trade up 4.7% to $9.29/share today on higher than normal volume.>>

TAKEN FROM Benzinga.com


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bigboss said...

thanks for the tip! intersting idea, although up 50% off the lows i think counts as "market participation in the run up"