An Exclusive Interview with Datawatch CEO Michael Morrison


Some investment related snippets from the interview;
SC: Why did you want to join the Datawatch team?

MM (ceo): I saw in Datawatch a company with a great product portfolio, a passionate – and extensive – customer base, and an emerging market opportunity that I believed to be very big. Since I have been on board, all of these observations have been validated. Our Monarch family of products is a truly differentiated solution that delivers real ROI. Our customers are zealots, and some of our most influential supporters. And the market opportunity for our report analytics solutions is even bigger than I initially anticipated

MM: The company is now on a growth trajectory. The financial markets have taken note of us. And industry analysts are paying attention to us again. All in all, it’s been a solid start for Datawatch in getting to a high-growth revenue model.

Despite decades of advances in business intelligence technologies, reporting is still broken. There is a ‘blind spot’ in reporting and analytics that Datawatch uniquely addresses. On one end of the data analytics spectrum, you have structured data, addressed by the traditional business intelligence solutions. On the other end, you have unstructured data, with an ever-increasing number of ‘Big Data’ vendors playing in that space. In between the two exists semi-structured and loosely structured data. Datawatch is the only company that solves the problem of analyzing that data in the middle.

Our ability to make information from diverse data sources and formats accessible, usable and valuable is unmatched. There is a global need for our solution and we are investing in our international operations to meet this need.

Our approach – regardless of geography – is to always engage the prospect and learn their unique pain points and specific data analytics needs. This allows us to assess how Monarch can help them. Even with the more modern transaction systems, we have customers using our technology to enable end users to be more self-sufficient and reduce the burden on IT. Another major factor is the integration and analysis of data coming into organizations from external sources. Even the most technologically and operationally advanced organizations struggle with incorporating data from outside their IT infrastructure and our technology plays a major role here for many Fortune 500 customers.

A key element of our high growth strategy is aggressively expanding our partner ecosystem. We are engaging with implementation and reselling partners, OEM partners, geographic distributors and strategic alliance partners around the world. We have implemented a partner friendly business model that makes doing business with Datawatch easy and profitable for partners


Tom said...

This sounds a lot like consulting. What is the diffrence between this and the myriad av BI consultants?

ShadowStock said...

Datawatch's profits and revenue are from the sale of software licenses not consulting. Last quarter services accounted for 6% of total revenue and that's mostly additional training for existing clients.

Just last month a client from Europe's Logica requested to purchase Datawatch software so they could analyze report/document content in the cloud. The deal was signed starting in Scandinavia to sign up 500 seats of Datawatch's report analytic software. This company came to Datawatch.Zero consulting .
99 of the top 100 Fortune 100 and 487 of the Fortune 500 have purchased their software. Ctitigroup has over 5,000 purchased software licenses. Citigroup customer commented we have all the BI vendors installed and they produce great reports but Datawatch is the only software that allows us to analyze what is in those report.

Patrick said...


Great interview - thanks for sharing. You spotted this one awhile back - great return thus far. Glad to see the ShadowStock posts again.